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2014-02-21 |

EU: Despite EU approval, Hungary vows fight on GMO corn

Hungary’s government will take all necessary measures to prevent the cultivation in Hungary of Pioneer’s 1507 genetically modified maize, the Rural Development Ministry vowed today. This will mark the latest battle in Hungary’s longstanding fight against GMO crop production.

2012-06-19 |

Hungary passes law limiting GM crops

Last week Hungary’s parliament approved unanimously a new regulation that will restrict the genetically modified crops allowed in Hungary, which are currently authorised by the European Union. The ministry of rural development welcomed the law, which maximises chances of the country remaining GMO-free. The new regulations will place a strict limit on genetically modified crops in Hungary which are currently authorised by the European Union, as well as potential future GMOs, the ministry said. The law will enable farmers, local communities, local councils and regions to practice their autonomous rights more effectively while backing grassroots initiatives to establish GMO-free regions.

2011-10-26 |

Hungary has joined the Alps-Adriatic GMO-free Region

Parliament has passed a resolution requesting that local governments ban the use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture and farming within their areas of administration, so joining a Croatian initiative.
Parliament unanimously passed the proposal put forward by the Committee on Sustainable Development, with 346 votes. The adoption of the proposal means that Hungary has joined the Croatian initiative, put forward as part of the Alps-Adriatic cooperation, that bans the use of ”polluted” crops and is aimed at keeping the region free of GMOs.

2011-08-29 |

Hungary destroys crops on 8,500-9,000 hectares because of GM-tainted maize

Crops are being destroyed on 8,500-9,000 hectares in Hungary because of maize tainted with genetically modified seeds, Rural Development Ministry state secretary Gyorgy Czervan said at a press conference on Thursday. The GM-tainted maize is being torn up on about 4,500 hectares and crops on about 4,000 hectares are being destroyed to create a buffer zone around the tainted maize, Czervan said.

2011-08-08 |

Monsanto appeals against destruction of corn in Hungary

The Hungarian unit of US seed giant Monsanto has appealed to Budapest Municipal Court to suspend a resolution by the Agriculture Office ordering the destruction of corn thought to be genetically modified, Monsanto Hungaria technical director Mihály Czepó told state news agency MTI on Monday. [...] Monsanto tested the seeds they sold to Hungary in their own laboratories and found no GMO, Czepó said. An independent laboratory in France also tested the seeds, getting the same results, which they sent to Hungarian authorities as well, he said.

2011-07-19 |

Monsanto Hungary seeks to suspend forced destruction of maize thought to be GM-tainted

The Hungarian unit of US seed giant Monsanto has appealed to the Budapest Municipal Court to suspend a resolution by Hungary’s Agriculture Office ordering hybrid maize sold by the company to be torn up, Monsanto Hungaria technical director Mihaly Czepo told MTI on Monday. [...] Monsanto Hungaria’s own tests as well as one by an independent, accredited laboratory in France show the company’s DKC 3511 hybrid seeds contain no genetically modified compounds, Czepo said. [...] ”Monsanto sells only conventional seeds in Hungary, seeds that have not been genetically modified,” the company said.

2011-07-18 |

Official says Hungary firmly against GM seeds; maize destroyed on 950 hectares

Hungary will uphold strict measures against genetically modified seeds, a deputy state secretary of the Rural Development Ministry told a press conference on Thursday. Lajos Bognar said that the government would also seek an amendment to the Penal Code to introduce strict punishment for distributors of seeds polluted with genetically modified organisms. He added that Hungary’s GMO-free status was an important, strategic asset.

2011-07-14 |

GMO maize damage in Hungary may total millions of EUR, says expert

The damage to Hungary’s agriculture caused through sowing genetically modified seeds and to the country’s GMO-free status will total billions of forints [...] Authorities have been checking for GMO crops since the beginning of this year as a new regulation came in force this March which stipulates GMO checks before seeds are introduced to the market. [...] Radio MR6 learnt that the two biggest international seed producing companies were affected in the matter.

2011-07-11 |

Illegal GM maize ploughed under throughout Hungary

Some 400 hectares of maize have been destroyed throughout Hungary after the crops were found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds, the deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development in charge of supervision of the food supply chain and agricultural administration told MTI on Friday. [...] Authorities have been checking for GMO crops since the beginning of this year as a new regulation came in force this March which stipulates GMO checks before seeds are introduced to the market. The checks will continue despite the fact that seed traders are obliged to make sure that their products are GMO free, Bognar said.

2011-03-30 |

Hungary’s Parliament opposed to GM crops, says farm committee chair

There is consensus among Hungary’s parliamentary parties that the country is opposed to the cultivation of genetically modified crops or GMOs, Sándor Font, an MP of governing Fidesz who chairs Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, said at a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday. Although Hungary’s farm sector lacks the capital strength of its competitors in the West as well as a multinational chain of supermarkets, it holds true to the value of a ”pure agricultural environment”, Font said.

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