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2014-07-16 |

India: Govt approves field trials for varieties of GM crops

The new government has approved field trials for 21 new varieties of genetically modified (GM) crops, including staples such as rice and wheat. The controversial move is considered crucial to feeding India’s teeming millions but opposed by some activists as a health hazard.

2014-07-16 |

India: 21 new varities of GM crops approved for field trials by Narendra Modi government

21 new varities of genetically modified (GM) crops such as rice, wheat, maize and cotton have been approved for field trials by the Narendra Modi government, say reports. According to these reports, the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) — consisting mostly of bio-technology supporters — rejected just one out of the 28 proposals up for consideration. Six proposals were rejected for want of more information.

2014-07-09 |

India: Government apathy tosses Karnataka farmers at mercy of private firm

The Bt cotton seeds that resulted the loss of around Rs 200 crore to farmers in Karnataka last year are haunting them once again. With government turning a blind eye, the farmers are left with no option but to return to the private company Mahyco’s genetically modified seeds that created a mayhem last year on the fields.

2014-06-06 |

India: Activists oppose field trials of GM crops

Activists opposed to the introduction of genetically modified (GM) crops on Thursday appealed to the state government to stop field trials of GM crops in the state.

2014-05-26 |

India: Beware of ill effects of GMO, farmers told

Activists, farmers and the public came together for a programme ‘Say no to GMO’ organized by Aakam Rural Education and Health Trust, Cure Trust and Research Centre and the Gandhi Memorial Museum on the ills of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) here on Saturday.

2014-05-15 |

India: Organic and Genetically Modified Cotton

In a place where population growth is moving incredibly fast, added pressure on farmers in India in the wake of crushing debt and failed crops calls for a new agricultural approach. Genetic modification and organic farming present promising solutions. Young Explorer Andrew Flachs will investigate the effect of both growing strategies by interviewing farmers in Southern India.

2014-04-25 |

India: Open field trials of GM crops - SC seeks Centre's response

The Supreme Court on Tuesday sought an answer from the Centre as to why there should not be an interim suspension of open field trials of Genetically Modified crops in view of an expert committee disfavouring it.

2014-04-07 |

India: Punjab starts selling unapproved cotton seeds

The Punjab government has started selling genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds that have never been field tested in Pakistan and approved for commercialisation.

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