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2013-10-03 |

Italy: Watchdog challenges attempt to ban GM maize

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has challenged Italy’s attempts to ban a genetically modified maize product from biotech group Monsanto.
The EFSA’s assessment of the Italian ban on the cultivation of the maize Mon810 and other GM crops followed a European Court of Justice ruling that such a ‘de facto’ ban was illegal.

2013-07-24 |

Italy to ban Monsanto GMO corn with 80% public support

First India gives Monsanto a run for their ill-gotten money by refusing their patent applications, and now Italy, with the help of three Italian ministries, will try to undo Monsanto.

2013-07-24 |

Italy to ban Monsanto GMO corn with 80% public support

First India gives Monsanto a run for their ill-gotten money by refusing their patent applications, and now Italy, with the help of three Italian ministries, will try to undo Monsanto.

2013-07-09 |

GMOs in Italian artisan foods: traditions impacted by biotech?

Parmesan cheese and other beloved Italian food exports give the issue of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in Italy international breadth. Though GM crops are banned from Italian fields, much of the country’s livestock is fed with GM soy imported from Brazil and Argentina.

2013-06-26 |

Italian farm minister pushes for GM crop ban

Italian agriculture minister Nunzia De Girolamo said this week that she will seek a ban on genetically modified crops in Italy. The farming minister said she had the backing of the country's health and environment ministers.
In April, Italian government officials wrote to the European Commission requesting the EU executive reject the renewal of a controversial genetically modified maize variety – currently Europe's only GM crop licensed for commercial cultivation.

2013-04-11 |

Italy asks EU to halt GM maize cultivation

The Italian government has asked the European Commission not to renew authorisation of a key genetically-modified corn, according to a letter seen by AFP on Thursday. The product is US agri-giant Monsanto’s MON 810 maize, one of only two GM products cleared to be grown in Europe along with German conglomerate BASF’s Amflora potato. Renewal of the maize licence is currently on hold due to hostility or reticence by a string of European Union states.

2012-11-15 |

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology receives USD 6m grant from Gates Foundation for African biosafety project

The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) has received a grant exceeding US $6 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the implementation of a project to assist the regulation of agricultural biotechnology products in sub-Saharan Africa. The project will be carried out by the Centre’s Biosafety Unit, by personnel based in its Trieste (Italy) and Cape Town (South Africa) components, and will focus on the development of effective safety and regulatory systems for the regulation of GMOs: a very relevant topic, not only for sub-Saharan Africa countries.

2012-10-31 |

Italian GM trees go up in smoke after trial approval ran out 4 years ago

The final act of the controversy triggered last June 1st, 2012, when an anti-GMO organisation wrote a letter of protest to both the Italian departments of agriculture and environment was burned last Monday, October 29th, at the experimental field by the University of Tuscia (Viterbo - Italy). [...] the research project conducted by the Italian University of Tuscia was authorized in 1998 and it had no risks for humans and for the environment, as testified by many inspections in the experimental site, as well as by leading experts of Italian scientific institutions. Researchers had already asked for an extension of the authorisation some years ago, but nobody answered.

2012-09-14 |

Italy cannot ban GE crops based on lack of national coexistence law

the EU Court of Justice [...] concludes a dispute between the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and the Italian arm of biotechnology company Pioneer Hi-Bred, which produces and distributes conventional and genetically modified seeds. The Ministry refused to allow Pioneer Hi-Bred to cultivate GM maize - despite prior approval by the EU - claiming a lack of “co-existence” measures between modified, organic, and conventional crops. In its ruling last week, the court wrote that a member state cannot prohibit “in a general manner the cultivation on their territory of such GMOs pending the adoption of coexistence measures,” citing legislation that made the use and marketing of GMOs under the jurisdiction of the EU, which approved the use of GM maize in 1997.

2012-05-22 |

Illegal field trials of GE cherry, kiwi and olive trees exposed in Italy by the Genetic Rights Foundation

The not-for-profit Genetic Rights Foundation has exposed today the existence of an experimental field of GE trees, planted by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Viterbo, near Rome, whose permission expired in 2008. In 1998 the University was granted a decade long permission to carry out field research on different plant species [...] In March 2010, after having received the opinion of the Regional Competent Authority, the NCA denied the extension of the permission and ordered the disposal of the trees and the clean up of the site.

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