2016-04-25 |

Australia update

Information about Australia is updated.

2016-04-24 |

Germany update

Information about GMO-free Labeling in Germany is updated.

2016-04-23 |

Switzerland update

Information about Switzerland is updated.

2016-04-22 |

Albania update

Information about Albania is updated.

2016-04-21 |

Environmentalists press charges against Monsanto and EU regulatory authorities

Expert opinion proves systematic misinterpretation of glyphosate studies

The Munich Environmental Institute (Umweltinstitut München) and Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Germany join PAN Europe and 5 EU environmental organisations in their legal proceedings against those responsible for the assessment of glyphosate in Europe[1] (Monsanto, German government institute –BfR - and European Food Safety Authority-EFSA).

The EU environmental organizations, in an initiative taken by Global 2000 Austria file new evidence to the state attorney in Berlin today showing that the responsible institutions misinterpreted research studies during the assessment procedure in order to conceal the carcinogenic risks associated with glyphosate and facilitate its re-approval.

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