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Poultry: Retailers want to get away from GM feed

Geflügel: Handel will weg vom Genfutter
Thursday, 28 August 2014 LZnet/dl.

After months of confrontation, the German poultry industry and food retailers are talking about the reintroduction of GMO-free feed.

In great unanimity, the German retailers wish for the poultry meat industry and the egg producers to return entirely to feeding animals without genetic engineering. According to the ideas of the grocers, this is to be the case again from January 2015.

The German Poultry Association (ZDG) does not want to commit itself to this date. First, the result of a jointly agreed study is to be reviewed, says ZDG CEO Thomas Janning talking to Lebensmittel-Zeitung: "We will not be blackmailed."


For this purpose, a working group "Soy in Animal Feed" was established under the auspices of the QS animal welfare initiative. This is where the retailer representatives defined the long-term goal to abandon genetic engineering in the feed rations of the entire animal husbandry, including the feeding of pigs and cattle. The production of poultry meat is given priority.

"Everyone has to come clean"

Task and time schedules were agreed on providing for representative analyses for contaminations in feed as well as the clarification of legal issues in regards to labeling. Janning considers this indispensable: "Everyone has to come clean. We must not slide into a new feed scandal. "

If the working group comes to the conclusion that GMO-free feeding is possible Janning holds an industry agreement to be the right way to proceed. Starting point could then be the new soy harvest 2015.

(Read more: Retailers want to get away from GM feed in PDF)

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Asian Farmers Say No to Golden Rice

Videos from the Masipag anti-GMO conference in Manilla

We have uploaded in youtube the video interviews of selected participants during the Golden Rice conference. Please share to your network and friends. We will also post these to our website.

MASIPAG Advocacy - YouTube

Thank you very much!


2014-08-25 |

Non-GMO DanubeSoya/DonauSoja: Field day and summer festival

Donau Soja Donau Soja

4. September 2014
from 9.30am
Versuchswirtschaft Großenzersdorf
Schlosshoferstraße 31
A-2301 Großenzersdorf

9.30 Welcome and Possibility to Walk through the Demo Fields
10.30 Visiting and Documentation Demoplattform,DI Dr. Helmut Wagentristl

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2014-08-25 |

Canada: Evaluating organic and conventional non-GMO soybean varieties in Manitoba

At $25 a bushel, organic soybeans could be a highly lucrative crop for organic farmers. But right now that market is out of reach for most due to the limited number of varieties suitable for organic production systems. A student researcher at the University of Manitoba is hoping to change that. She is evaluating conventional non-GMO varieties that are adapted to Manitoba’s shorter season, evaluating conventional non-GMO soybean varieties they could possibly grow in Manitoba’s shorter season. Michelle Carkner is overseeing plot trials at the Ian N. Morrison research farm at Carman and working with farmers on five separate farms in southern Manitoba this summer. It’s the first study ever conducted in Western Canada to test the agronomic performance and determine relative maturity rates of mid- and longer-season varieties grown elsewhere in Canada. In Ontario and Quebec, where soybeans have been grown much longer, farmers have many options among the later-maturing, non-GMO varieties developed for the growing conditions of those regions.

2014-08-22 |

Bicolano Farmers Continue Fight Against Golden Rice Field Tests and Commercialization! Call for a GMO Free Bicol

A year after the uprooting of Golden Rice, more than a hundred farmers, scientists, consumers and basic sectors joined hands to call for the immediate halt of the planned field tests and commercialization of Golden Rice in the country, saying that this will only pose more problems rather than solving the problem on hunger and malnutrition. The group also called for respect for farmers’ rights to land, seeds and technology and pushed for sustainable approaches to attaining food sufficiency and genuine rural development.
To combat GM rice and Vitamin A deficiency, the group are going to eat organically grown foods that are rich in Vitamin A and other nutrients entitled “Pangudto Organiko, Libre sa GMO!” (Organic Lunch, Free from GMOs). This is to show that there are a multitude of safe and nutritious food available compared to Golden Rice and other GMOs.

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