NGO Conference

Thursday 6th September
Venue: Heinrich Böll Foundation

Preliminary programme: NGO Conference
Non-governmental organizations will use the whole day for internal discussions at the Heinrich Böll Foundation. 

NOTE: This programme for the NGO day below is a draft, and the updated programme will be sent only to the registered and confirmed participants directly. The official part of the conference from the evening of the 6th will be open to the public (please see the program). Please do register now.

Conference language: English (no interpreters, individual help with translation possible)

9:00 Welcome and Registration

Fishbowl: Where do we stand?
- A multi-generation, transnational, trans-disciplinary review and outlook of the GMO Free Movement in Europe
- The situation after the "big3" mergers
- Synthetic biology
- Bio - Economy
- CBD / Bio-Saftey Protocol
- American, Asian, African Perspectives
Fishbowl continued

13:00 Lunch

14:00 CRISPR and More
- Scientific, legal and political challenges
- Communication challenges
- Strategy discussion

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Workshops (Will be held at Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft) 
- Gene Drives
- Scientific aspects of gene editing
- Seed Strategy
- CBD strategy
- Bio economy

18:00 Walk to the reception (15 Min)