GMO news related to Russia

17.06.2013 |

WTO policy on GMO food fuels GM crop debate in Russia

Protests against genetically modified food grow in Russia after WTO ascension. Yet some scientists insist there are no large health risks. [...] Valery Glazko, who is in charge of Centre for Nanobiotechnology at the Russian State Agrarian University, says that thanks to GMO technology, we will finally be able to feed the world and a new generation of more intelligent people will appear. “If a pregnant woman is not getting enough food, then her haemoglobin levels will drop. Her baby will be born and have every chance of living a full life, but he or she will not be able to make decisions. The baby will adapt, but its brain will not develop in the correct manner,” he says. “GMO is our saviour.” [...] “Hunger is the flip side of terrorism. We are faced with a choice: cannibalism or GMO.”