3rd International Conference on GMO Free Regions, Biodiversity and rural development


300 representatives of GMO-free regions across Europe gathered on April 19th and 20th in the European Parliament in Brussels for the 3rd International Conference on GMO-Free Regions, Biodiversity and Rural Development. The conference celebrated growth in the GMO-free movement, with the number of GMO-free regions in Europe increasing from 174 to 236 over the past year and from around 3000 to over 4200 municipalities and communities. 

The Conference brought together representatives from GMO-free regional governments and municipalities, from farmers, consumers, environmental and other organisations active in the field of GMO-free agriculture and the self-determination of regions.

Press Release

This year's conference focused on three major topics:

  1. The state of national, regional and EU legislation on approvals, risks, liabilities and the eventual co-existence of GMO and GMO-free agriculture and horticulture.
  2. The erosion of biodiversity, independent farming and regional quality food production arising from the exclusive control of seed by fewer and fewer companies.
  3. The challenges for rural development, biodiversity, food culture and food security arising from the global competition between food and fuel production.

It was an excellent opportunity for representatives of the regions, of non-governmental organisations and institutions and the European community to meet and discuss the latest information and successes of the GMO-free regions and to share plans for upcoming activities. They discussed practical co-operation and joint strategies in workshops and plenary sessions. The conference sent clear messages to European institutions and the public about the contamination of GMO-free agriculture and food, the freedom of seed production and exchange and regional priorities with respect to the changing global agricultural market. Thanks to all the speakers, participants, sponsors, interpreters and helpers for their contribution to the success of this conference!

See the Programme for the presentations and speeches delivered, and also see the list of Speakers and Participants.