Trans-Regional co-operation and organisation

B3 - Sunday 13:30 - 15:00


In recent years, a wide range of European civil society activities, often involving local and regional authorities, has emerged. The approaches of consumers, farmers, activists, organisations and institutions are diverse, however their common goal is to prevent introduction of GMOs in food and agriculture on a European and regional level. Different activities, approaches and plans will be presented at the workshop with the aim of building common ground for inclusive and effective networking and co-operation, supporting diverse regional activities and enabling joint European initiatives and impact.


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Key participants and speakers:

Dom of Chevreuse (Alter-Campagne, France)
Joint International GMO Opposition Day

Jadwiga Lopata (ICPPC, Poland)
Call for a new Moratorium on all GMOs
ICPPC calls for 10 year MORATORIUM on all GMOs in EU

Heike Moldenhauer (FoE, Germany)

Annemarie Volling (GMO-free Regions, Germany)
GMO-free regions, Germany, Summary
Call for a Day of Action – March 3rd, 2006

Georg Janssen (AbL, Association of Peasant Farmers, Germany)

Adrian Bebb (FoE Europe)
GM Free Europe

Background Documents

Joint International GMO Opposition Day - Memorandum
This 1-page letter summarizes many of the risks and problems of genetically engineered organisms. The letter, written by a team of scientists and others, is primarily aimed at parliamentarians. It therefore emphasizes health risks - particularly sensitive topic for law makers.
Joint International GMO Opposition Day - Homepage

Italy (2005)
Antitransegnic Municipalities Network:GE-free zones in Italy
A one-page overview over the the situation and problems of the GE-free zones in Italy at the end of 2004.

The specialized trade for organic products in Europe
A short study on the structure of the trade of organic products in major European countires.

EU Commission (September 2003)
DESICION relating to national provisions on banning the use of genetically modified organisms in the region of Upper Austria notified by the Republic of Austria