Workshop 1

National and Regional Legislation, GMO Bans and Moratoria

The workshop “National and Regional Legislation” deals with legal and political strategies aimed at avoiding  commercial cultivation of GM crops in the EU. In the workshop the focus will lay on achieving national bans on Monsanto’s GM maize MON 810, the only crop currently authorised for commercial cultivation throughout the EU. Four EU member states (Austria, Greece, Hungary and Poland) have already successfully banned Monsanto’s GM maize. The challenge is now to convince more EU member states to do the same and to –eventually- achieve an EU-wide ban on the growing of any GM crop.


Peer-reviewed scientific studies on the probable harmful effects to the environment from the cultivation of MON810

Friends of the Earth & Greenpeace:
EU Environment Council December 2006 - GMO safeguard clauses

Friends of the Earth:
Friends of the Earth Europe’s position on the Hungarian moratorium on GMO Maize MON810

example letter on Mon810

Confédération paysanne:
Call for a moratorium on GM maize (executive summary)
Call for a moratorium on GM maize (full paper)