GMO-Free Europe 2012 Sponsors

Raising the funds required for our European GMO Free Regions conference is always a major challenge. We are still short of the necessary funds especially to allow for the participation of friends from small NGOs and from Eastern Europe. Millions of public money are spent annually to promote the introduction of GMOs into European agriculture both by the EU Commission and the governments of Member States. No such money is available to organise a meeting like "GMO Free Europe", nor do we enjoy the support of big corporations. In addition to the funds contributed by the organisers, we take pride in being supported by small and medium sized enterprises, organisations and foundations. They contribute to this event despite the fact that this is certainly not the most effective way of advertising and promotion towards their custumers. Thank you for sharing the responsibilty of keeping Europe GMO free!

The 7th European Conference of GMO-free Regions is made possible by generous donations from

The Greens/European Free Alliance is a European parliamentary group made up of Greens and representatives of stateless nations and disadvantaged minorities. 

It is born in July 1999 from the will of two separate and progressive European political families to co-operate in the European Parliament.

The Gekko Foundation started its operation in June 2008 in Hamburg to promote a biologically diverse, safe and sustainable planet. The foundactions focus is on the support of organisations and campaigns promoting a gmo free agriculture and food production. It also supports information activities for consumers, schools and interersted lay persons and supports critical research on the risks of GMOs in agriculture.

The Swiss working group on genetic engineering (SAG) is a critical forum on GMO issues, a platform for discussion, information exchange and action of organisations and individual members who share a critical approach to genetic engineering. Today the SAG is the umbrella association of 26 swiss organisations working on environmental questions, nature protection, animal welfare, medicine, development, organic agriculture and omsuner protection. In 2009 the SAG organised the 5th European GMO Free Conference "Food and Democracy" in Lucern.

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