Workshop C4: : STOP THE CROP! Strategy and tactics for keeping the EU GMO-free

Saturday, 25th April 2009 , 12.30 – 15.00h

Language: English

Organizer and Moderator:

Helen Holder, Friends of the Earth Europe
Presentation: GM crops and the EU livestock industry. Are EU GMO rules putting the sector at risk? (pdf, 289 KB, English)


Marta Vetier, Greenpeace, EU policy officer
Presentation: GM crops in the EU pipeline and the reapproval of Mon 810 (pdf, 812 KB, English)
Jean-Luc Servais, region of Wallonia
Róbert Fidrich, MTVSZ/FoE, Hungary
Frederic Jacquemart, GIET, France
Charlotte Berthou, Save Our Seeds, Germany


Aim of the workshop:
This workshop will look at what GM crops are in the pipeline for approval in the EU starting from the two GM maize that will be voted on by Environment Ministers in June 2009 to the BASF potato, GM maize for agrofuels and other GMOs that industry are pushing.

The workshop will also address National GMO bans which were successfully upheld recently for Hungary and Austria. How to keep these bans in place? How to support other country bans? What is the role of the WTO GMO dispute in this? And what about “coexistence” laws, in particular following the 2009 European Commission report?

Finally, the workshop will look at the “hidden back door” through which GMOs enter Europe, as animal feed. Due to a loophole in EU labelling laws, the public do not realise that many of the animal products that they are eating are from animals fed on GMOs. How to raise awareness on this and how to ensure that retailers continue to source GMfree?


Read the outcomes of the workshop      Download the outcomes of the Workshop (pdf, 74 KB, English)

- GM crop cultivation
- National GMO bans
- In through the back door: GM animal food imports

The workshop will last 2.5 hours, and time for discussion will be prioritized. Introductory statements and short presentations (5-10 minutes each) will be made:

1. GMO cultivation in the EU and national bans: state of play
- Marta Vertier, Greenpeace EU Uni, GM crops in the EU pipeline and the reapproval of Mon 810
- Róbert Fidrich from Hungary on National GMO bans
- Strict “coexistence” laws: National or Regional case study (Wallonia)

Campaigns and mobilisation
- Charlotte Berthou, Save our Seeds (European mobilisation on national bans and GM maize cultivation)
- Short input from groups who have run campaigns on bans this year at national level

Discussion on opportunities and challenges.

2. EU imports for animal feed: state of play and alternatives
- Helen Holder, Friends of the Earth Europe (update of EU situation and attempts to weaken EU import rules on GMOs)
- GMfree soy industry representative and /or representative from Brittany region, France (to be confirmed)
- Short input on practical labelling and traceability initiatives (speaker to be confirmed)

Discussion on opportunities, challenges and campaign strategy.

Background and literature:

Stop the Crop cyberaction

Letter sent to Barroso by the GIET (French)