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02.11.2016 |

Waitrose ends use of GM animal feed on its farms

Critics hail decision as 'beginning of the end' for use of the crops in the UK

- Waitrose meat, milk and eggs will not come from animals on GM feed

- Move is a huge blow to the controversial 'Frankenfood' technology

- Campaigners are now demanding that other stores follow suit

Waitrose's meat, milk and eggs will no longer come from animals fed a genetically modified diet.

The retailer is dropping GM soya feed on its farms in a huge blow to the controversial 'Frankenfood' technology.

Critics of GM have hailed the decision as the 'beginning of the end of the last large-scale use of GM crops in the UK'.


The retailer said the non-GM soya used on its farms will now come from the Danube region. It is also using other alternatives, such as clover for sheep and cattle, and faba beans for pigs, chickens and ducks.

The first shipment of non-GM soya arrived in October and went to Waitrose's dedicated pork supplier, Dalehead Foods.