15.12.2005 |

Has the EU already lost the WTO dispute on GMOs?

NGO Campaigners at the WTO Ministerial Conference in Hongkong delivered a petition "WTO: Hands Off Our Food" signed by more than 135,000 citizens from 100 countries and more than 740 organisations representing 60 million people against the US driven trade dispute over precautionary EU GMO legislation. WTO Deputy Director General Alejandro Jara at the handover refused to comment on earlier statements of former WTO chief Supachai that the WTO dispute panel had already decided against the EU. The official verdict is expected in January 2006. International activists Vandana Shiva and Jose Bove announced a global campaign against Monsanto: "This is not a case of US versus the EU, but clearly Monsanto versus the civil society".</p><p><a href="">Friends of the Earth: Bite back</a></p><p><a href="">FOE briefing on the US vs. EU WTO GMO dispute</a></p><p><a href="">Kerala News: Vandana Shiva takes fight against Monsanto to Hong Kong</a>

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