10.11.2005 |

Poland: Zagorny released, 90% of provinces now gm free

Polish farmer Marian Zagorny, who stood in court to get more than 1 year in jail for attempting to block illegal shipments of GM grain and protesting factory farming of pigs, left the court as a free man. The court agreed that the actions were done to protect Polish agriculture and health. Marian was very happy and sends many thanks also on behalf of his farmers union 'Solidarni' to all who sent letters of support.</p><p>The Province of Opole in the South West Poland has now become the 14th Polish Province to declare itself a GMO Free Zone. There are now only two provinces left which have not declared themselves GMO Free. It brings the total number of Provinces to have declared GMO Free status to approximately 90% of the total area of Poland.</p><p><a href="">International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC)</a>

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