05.07.2023 |

Spectacular submission to the biotech industry and other statements on EU Commission proposal

Austrian government says proposal is "unacceptable"

1. EU Commission proposal to deregulate new GMOs in spectacular submission to the biotech industry – Corporate Europe Observatory

2. Deregulation of new genomic techniques – GMO-free agriculture and food production is at stake – ENGA

3. GLOBAL 2000 on the new genetic engineering bill: Fatal for environment and consumers – Global 2000

4. NGT proposal a step backward for biosafety, freedom of choice and consumers’ information – IFOAM

5. Statement of German Environment Minister Steffi Lemke

6. Austrian government statement: EU proposal on “new genetic engineering” unacceptable

7. Genetic engineering-free plant breeding and seed production soon no longer possible? – IG Saatgut

8. Seed law reform and new genetic engineering: double attack on our seeds! – ARCHE NOAH

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