Workshop C5: Influencing national legislation on co-existence and GMOs

GMO legislation is being under revision in most European states, which are at different points of implementing the European Directive on GMO releases (2001/18) and establishing national rules for co-existence, liability and nature protection as well as seed legislation. Denmark, Germany and Austria have recently adopted new GMO laws. Other governments have prepared such legislation. The differences show that there is ample room for better or worse solutions within the framework of EU legislation. This also applies for the authority given to regional governments and institutions and plays a crucial role in the legal defense of GMO free Regions.


Dan Leskien, Ministry for ConsumerProtection, Food and Agriculture- Germany

Thomas Fertl, Consultant - Austria

Diederick Sprangers, Goede Waar & Co consumers organisation - Netherlands

Dan Belusa, Greenpeace - Denmark


Belusa: The Danish coexistence law