Workshop C1: Community organisation and real alternatives to GMOs

How do you start a GMO free Region? Who are the most important partners? What arguments, activities and strategies have worked well so far? What are the challenges and potential problems? Examples will be presented and discussed. A NO to GMOs needs a YES to crop-diversity and natural plant-breeding. What are the alternatives to GMOs and how to deal with them?

1. Grazia Mammucini: The Tuscany Law on the protection and enhancement of local breeds and varieties.

Mrs. Mammucini is the author of that regional law, which protects local seed varieties and actively promotes their further development and commercial use.

2. Innovation by natural plant development. Successful examples from regional and organic plant breeding.

Cornelia Wiethaler will present practical cases and suggestions how to develop r e a l alternatives in plant breeding.


Gracia Mammucini, Regione Toscana, Italy

Cornelia Wiethaler, Agravivendi - Germany