02.04.2005 |

Spain: Success of NGOs and agricultural organisations on co-existence

At a meeting with the Spanish ministry for agriculture Spanish NGOs and agricultural organisations achieved a re-openig of the discussion about GM co-existence and the withdrawal of the ministry's initial proposal: "The document below was written by a large coalition of Spanish organizations. It describes minimum demands because it was very important to have a huge representation of the civil society. And... it worked! We managed to get the compromise from the minister of agriculture to stop the approval of the very bad Decree on coexistence that would have legalized general genetic contamination of all crops. In a meeting on 30. March the minister told us that the decree needs more time, that they will see how they can incorporate our demands and that there will be dialog with us in the next month for a new draft."<a href="">Basic points to be included in the Spanish rules on coexistence between genetically modified, conventional and organic crops</a>

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