Workshop B2: Science and technology assessment - case studies

We will present 3 case studies: 1. Bt-maize, 2. Herbicide-resistant oilseed rape and 3. Drought resistant rice. We will discuss data on risk issues, remaining uncertainties and alternative options. We will also discuss whether appropriate questions have been asked in the environmental risk assessments and whether relevant scientific data was delivered to support the risk assessment.


Angelika Hilbeck, EcoStrat GmbH - Switzerland

Florianne Koechlin, Blauen Institute - Switzerland

Ulrike Middelhof, Ecosystem Research Centre, University of Kiel - Germany

Background Papers:

Transgene dürre- und salztolerante Pflanzen [complete study in German only]
Öko-Insititut e. V., Gentechnik-Nachrichten Spezial 15, Feburary 04