Organisations and Institutions Active on GMOs

Association "Agrolink"
Environmental Association "Za Zemiata" (For the Earth)
Centre for Ecological Law
National Movement "Ecoglasnost"
Center for Environmental Information and Education
Green Party
Public Centre for Environment and Stability Development
Foundation for Biological Agriculture "Bioselena"
Blue Link Foundation
Regional Environment Center for Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgarian)
Institute for green policy
Zemia zavinagi (Earth for ever)

Updates + Overviews

10 km buffer zones are covering almost the whole territory of the country. There are 30 km buffers zones also.

On 3th of February 2011 Bulgaria banned the deliberate release of MON810. On 25.06.2014 after pressure coming from the European Commission, the Council of Ministers re-examined the ban, as a result just changed the merits and kept the ban.

In October 2015 Bulgaria used the opt out option regarding the cultivation of GM corns Bt11xMIR604xGA21, MIR604, GA 21, Bt11, 1507 x 59122, 59122, 1507, MON 810; soy 40-3-2; carnation Moonshadow 1. In March 2016 European Commission announced its decision to opt-out MON810 in 21 territories in EU including Bulgaria.

(Updated in July 2018 Information provided by Friends of the Earth Bulgaria


Bulgaria has an official ban on GMO cultivation.

GMOs act: Section IV, Art. 79, 80, 81 and 82 (March 2010)

Bulgaria is one of the countries that has an official ban on MON810 as a decision of the government. (Feb 2011).

The official confirmation of the same decision (June 2014)

Updated in January 2015: Information provided by Foundation for Environment and Agriculture (FEA) Nikopol, Bulgaria www.feabg.org 

Borislav Sandov National Board member,Zelenite (The Greens)


12.02.2010, The Environment and Water Committee of the Bulgarian Parliament in February 11 agreed a five-year ban on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). The final approval of the bill which will be voted by the Bulgarian National Assembly in a second reading is scheduled for next week.

Five municipalities were declared GMO-free by the local authorities: Banite, Ivaylovgrad, Kardzhali, Satovcha and Zlataritsa. GM crops are banned in areas in the National Ecological Network and in a 30-kilometer radius buffer zone around them.
Satvocha declared as first the GMO-free municipality in Bulgaria. Kardzhali and Banite also made the commitment in June 2006.