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For the sake of clarity: at the moment, all 'GMO free' legislation remains in force in Italy, the only exception being a recent decree allowing NGT products to be tested in the field.

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Lucern, April 2009
Luca Colombo, Fondazione Diritti Genetici (Genetic Rights Foundation)
Presentation: The Italian Situation (pdf, 568 KB, English)

Brussels, April 2007
European GMO-free Regions - a considered choice, audio File (mp3, 4 MB, English), Susanna Cenni, Agriculture Minister of Tuscany, Italy

Brussels, April 2007
Regional laws to protect and enhance local varieties, Natale Bazzanti, agricultural development and innovation agency, ARSIA, Toscana, Italy
The situation in Italy 2007, Luca Colombo, Genetic Rights foundation, Italy
The national debate on GMOs and the agro-food model for Italy, Luca Colombo, Genetic Rights foundation, Italy

Berlin, January 2005
GMO-free Regions: the case of Italy, Luca Colombo, Consiglio dei Diritti Genetici; Stefano Masini, Confederazione nationale Coldiretti
Protection of the autochthonous genetic resources in Tuscany, Gracia Mammucini, Regione Toscana, Italy
GMOs and patents in Italy, Fabrizia Pratesi, Equivita, Italy

Legal documents

National decree on GM coexistence
National legislation on GMO
Constitutional Court sentence 116/2006. This sentence recognizes the full competence of Italian Regions on coexistence (Italian)

Guideline for Regional coexistence laws (Italian)
This document has been produced by the Technical Interregional WG on GMOs of the Italian Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces. It has been unanimously approved by the Conference of the Presidents of Regions and Autonomous Provinces. At the moment it has no juridical effect but it's a strong political agreement.

As Reference to the Tuscany law: Council Directive 98/95/EC of 14 December 1998
The Directive Council of the regional authority Romanatura
Summary of the Law of the Region of Tuscany (April 2000) - Regarding regional regulations concerning genetically modified organisms (GMO)
In Italian:
Regional legislation on GMO
Regional law of Lazio on GMO