27.06.2005 |

EU network of national authorities on co-existence established

At a EU Committee of the Regions hearing on GMOs and co-existence agricultural commissioner Marianne Fischer Boel announced a new network of EU member state authorities on co-existence. She also insisted that no general, yet maybe specific bans of GM growing were justified at regional level.Representatives of the Regional governments, the EU Parliament and Economic and Social Affairs Committee insisted on the protection of non-GM farming and production and the right of the regions to ban GMOs to this end. Proponents of GMO introduction from science, industry and the German state of Sachsen-Anhalt claimed that co-existence was feasible and called for laxer rules.</p><p><a href="">Committee of the Regions: Press Releases</a></p><p><a href="">Commission decision on co-existence network in the Official Journal (p 50)</a>

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