11.12.2020 |

Are GE plants with Bt toxins 20 times more toxic than previously known?

EFSA has for decades ignored crucial data from Monsanto

Friday, 11 December 2020

Data from Monsanto revealed that Bt proteins expressed in genetically engineered (GE) plants are significantly more toxic than natural Bt toxins. It is more than 30 years ago since, in 1990, Monsanto data first showed that if mixed with plant material from, e.g. soybeans, cotton and maize, toxicity could be up to 20 times higher. This is due to enzymes naturally present in the tissues of many crop plants. These findings were never taken into account by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It seems as if EFSA simply overlooked the relevant publications. EFSA routinely accepts tests with isolated Bt proteins produced by bacteria to assess the risks of GE plants.

Testbiotech became aware of this 30-year old Monsanto publication whilst assessing new applications for import approval of GE plants. Testbiotech has also become aware of several more recent publications confirming the original Monsanto findings.

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