Workshop A1: The basics of GM technology

GM is defined as intervention into organisms by means which do not occure in nature. What are the key differences and unique problems associated with GMO technologies, what is their scientific foundation at the present state of knowledge? Why do they command precaution? What are the differences compared to other methods of breeding and innovation in agriculture?


Florianne Koechlin, Blauen Institute - Switzerland

Marcello Buiatti, Università degli Studi di Firenze - Italy

Background Papers:

Unraveling the DNA Myth.The spurious foundation of genetic engineering
Barry Commoner, Harper's Magazine, February 02

Claire Hope Cummings, WORLDWATCH magazine, January/February 05

Das überholte Paradigma der Gentechnik. Zum zentralen Dogma der Molekularbiologie fünfzig Jahre nach der Entdeckung der DNA-Struktur
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