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Organisations active on GMO


Ekologiska Lantbrukarna

Svenska Demeterförbundet

Föreningen FOBO (Förbundet organisk-biologisk odling)


In case, if you want to reach out someone in Sweden, you are welcome to write a message to 
Network for GMO Free Sweden!: “Hej då GMO!” - Swedish network for GMO-free zone (This network is currently not active, but reachable to the administrator: Akiko Frid
email: hejda.gmo@gmail.com


Organizations and groups working for GMO-free agriculture and food production:

Ekologiska Lantbrukarna (Swedish Association of Ecological Farmers)
Biodynamiska Föreningen
GMO-Fritt Norrbotten
Swedish Professional Beekeepers
Jordens Vänner
Förbundet Sveriges Småbrukare


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Opendoor field trials of GM-crops are going on in Sweden for many years.
Which GM-crops have been tested on the open field are listed on the Swedish Board of Agriculture website: http://www.jordbruksverket.se/
(Updated 2022-02-15)

Swedish Food Agency: GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms - analysis
(Updated 2021-06-16)


Currently there is no NGOs working actively on GMO related issues in Sweden. However, many NGOs are keeping their eyes on the issues around GMOs, including the new GMOs. 
(Updated 2022-04-30)


The first GMO-free zone in Sweden:

A motion written by a local politician, Bogna Wojtkiewicz Adolfsson (Centre party), to make Jämtland County GMO-free was approved by Jämtland County Council, on April 22, 2009:
1. Jämtland County Council fully supports the goal of Jämtland County to be a GMO-free zone.
2. Jämtland County Council will spread information about GMOs, and share knowledge about GMOs, in order to make sure that agriculture and food in the county is GMO-free.
3. Activities taking place on Jämtland County Council's land or in its premises, whether owned or rented, to be GMO-free.

The first GMO free municipality in Sweden was Östersund in 2008, then in 2009 the municipality of Åre declared itself GMO-free.

GMO-free areas in Sweden:

County: Jämtlands län

Municipalities: Östersund kommun, Åre kommun, Krokoms kommun, Borlänge kommun, Uddevalla kommun, Kalmar kommun, Kumla kommun and Lindesbergs Kommun

Total: Over 40 GMO-free zones (Including schools, restaurants, food shops, farms, churches...).

Network for GMO-free zones in Sweden, Hej då GMO! started in February 2008.

Swedish farmers do not use GMO-crops for commercial cultivation. No GMO-crops derived animal feed is currently used in Sweden (2013). Dairy producers, beef producers, egg producers have always been GMO-free. Only between 2006 and 2011, animal feed contains GMO-soy for pigs were marketed in Sweden, however since the demand was very small, the pork industry went back to their previous policy and decided to use only NON-GMO feed.

In 2014, the Swedish poultry meat association announced that they are considering to start using the controversial RTRS, which include GMO-soybeans.   

The biggest animal feed importer, Lantmännen, is actively promoting the RTRS/GMO-soybenas  in Sweden.

(Update: 2015)



Lucern, April 2009
Akiko Frid,Greenpeace / Hej Da GMO!
Presentation: Towards GMO-free Sweden: The key is cooperation (pdf, 252 KB, English)