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There are no GMO-free regions in Montenegro yet.

Despite the wars Serbia & Montenegro* was the first country to establish a regulatory system for controlling GMOs in South-East Europe.

In May 2001, a comprehensive law on GMOs came into force regulating the conditions for the deliberate release of GMOs and their placing on the market.

Since then Serbia & Montenegro had a policy of keeping its agriculture free from GMOs, has banned the import of whole grains (to prevent planting) and has had relatively strict controls on import.

Only two permits had been issued before the implementing regulations came into force in 2001: One for for the marketing of Roundup Ready soymeal valid for 10 years and the second for field trials of Monsanto's RR maize.

* In 2006, Montenegro declared itself an independent state.

Organisations and institutions active on GMO

Green Network of Vojvodina
"Natura Balkanika" Nature Society

Official and institutional links

Government of Montenegro (English)

Legal documents

Development of National Biosafety Framework for Serbia and Montenegro, 2006 (English)
Regulations on placing GMO on the market, Regulations published in the Official Gazette of the FR of Yugoslavia no. 62/2002 on Nov. 15, 2002 (English)
Regulations on the content and data of the register of GMO, Regulations published in the Official Gazette of the FR of Yugoslavia no. 66/2002 on Dec. 6, 2002 (English)
Review of Serbia and Montenegro legislation on public participation in the decision-making related to GMO (English)