Berlin, September 2018
Tatjana Brankov, PhD Member of the Executive Board of the Serbian Association of Agricultural Economists
Miladin Sevarlic, PhD President of the Union of Agricultural Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (founded 1869)

Presentation: GMO-free Serbia (pdf, English)


Lucern, April 2009
Natasa Djereg, Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development-CEKOR
Presentation: On the road to GMO-free Serbia (pdf, 439 KB, English)

Updates + Overviews

On May 29, 2009 National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia adopted new Law Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) that fully prohibits the possibility of commercial growing of live modified organisms, or trade with live modified organism and products derived from genetically modified organisms. With the new Law on GMO, Serbian import of soybean meal (from roundup ready soybeans) for cattle feed is no longer possible.

New Law on GMO is prohibiting trade or commercial growing, Gain Report from the US Department of Agriculture, 06.10.2009

Serbia has a policy of keeping its agriculture free from GMOs, has banned the import of whole grains (to prevent planting) and has had relatively strict controls on import.


Organisations and institutions active on GMO

Green Network of Vojvodina
"Natura Balkanika" Nature Society

Legal documents

Development of National Biosafety Framework for Serbia and Montenegro, 2006 (English)
Regulations on placing GMO on the market, Regulations published in the Official Gazette of the FR of Yugoslavia no. 62/2002 on Nov. 15, 2002 (English)
Regulations on the content and data of the register of GMO, Regulations published in the Official Gazette of the FR of Yugoslavia no. 66/2002 on Dec. 6, 2002 (English)
Review of Serbia and Montenegro legislation on public participation in the decision-making related to GMO (English)