Currently there are no GMO-free regions in Turkey


The „NO to GMOs“ Platform of Turkey, Öykü Kaygusuz and Dr. Turgut Altuganie

Official and institutional links

Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (Turkish)

Legal documents

GMO and Food Safety, presentation of Turkey's policy, April 2006 (English)
Several acts in force are regulating the environmental, public health, agricultural, trade and marketing issues may contribute the application of biosafety measures,
but they do not includes direct provisions for regulation of activities involving GMOs.
Draft National Biosafety framework for Republic of Turkey

Other background information

Turkey’s new seed law, New controls, old struggles, April 2007, article published in www.grain.org
Food Safety situation in Turkey, by Berthold KOLETZKO for the DG International Policies of the Union, European parliament, 2008
Consumers' Perceptions about Genetically Modified Foods and Their Stated Willingness-to-Pay for Genetically Modified Food Labeling: Evidences from Turkey by Bahri Karli, Abdulbaki Bilgic and Bulent Miran, 2008
The biosafety policy on genetically modified organisms in Turkey, M. Baran and R. Yilmaz, 2008, article published in www.ebr-journal.org
Tests reveal presence of GM tomatoes in Turkey, by Michael Kuser, Turkish Daily News, 26 May 2005
US Department of Agriculture: Annual Agricultural Biotech Report