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Current USA legislation relating to GMOs

Alaska • GMO Fish labeling law passed in 2005: http://www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/get_bill_text.asp?hsid=SB0025Z&session=24

California County Bans: • Humboldt County: http://yesonp2014.org/ • Mendocino County: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/world/california-county-breaks-ground-with-biotech-ban/article_6b0a84c6-8b6f-5336-ae95-89ff97259b43.html • Trinity County https://www.organicconsumers.org/old_articles/biod/trinityAP080404.php • Humboldt County http://ballotpedia.org/Humboldt_County_%22Genetic_Contamination_Prevention_Ordinance%22_GMO_Ban_Initiative,_Measure_P_%28November_2014%29 • Marin County: http://resourceinsights.blogspot.com/2004/11/biotech-ban-wins-in-marin-fails-in-3.html • Santa Cruz County: http://www.codepublishing.com/ca/santacruzcounty/html/santacruzcounty07/SantaCruzCounty0731.html

Connecticut • A GMO labeling bill was passed in May 2013, but is still awaiting to be triggered. This will only happen once four other states approve related legislation. http://grist.org/news/gmo-labeling-becomes-law-in-connecticut/

Hawaii • Maui County GMO Moratorium (Set to take effect March 31, 2015): http://ballotpedia.org/Maui_County_Genetically_Modified_Organism_Moratorium_Initiative_%28November_2014%29

Maryland • Maryland Bans Open-Water Genetically Engineered Fish Production: http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/media-center/news-releases/maryland-becomes-first-state-t/

Maine • Labeling law, still pending trigger requirements http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2014/01/10/maine-becomes-second-state-to-require-gmo-labels/

Oregon County Bans: • Jackson county http://ballotpedia.org/Jackson_County_Genetically_Modified_Organism_Ban,_Measure_15-119_%28May_2014%29 • Josephine County http://www.gmofreejosephinecounty.org/ (although this ban is in conflict with a state wide law in Oregon: http://ballotpedia.org/Josephine_County_Genetically_Modified_Organism_Ban,_Measure_17-58_(May_2014) )

Vermont • GMO Labeling Law: All GMO foods sold in Vermont to be labeled by July 1, 2016: https://www.organicconsumers.org/essays/monsanto-and-big-food-losing-gmo-and-natural-food-fight

Washington County Bans: • San Juan County https://www.organicconsumers.org/essays/congratulations-gmo-free-san-juan-county-washington

(Updated in Feb 2015. Information provided by Organic Consumers Association)

Official and institutional links

Information Systems on Biotechnology - a national resource on AG biotechnology

US Department of Agriculture, APHIS - Ag Biotechnology website

Audit report: APHIS Controls Over Issuance of Genetically Engineered Organism Release Permit
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Office of Inspector General "Current (USDA) regulations, policies and procedures do not ensure the safe introduction of agricultural biotechnology". The USDA audit report says the agency "lacks basic information" on where field tests are or what is done with the crops after they are harvested (January 2006)

Legal documents

Overview of USA GM legislation, Center for Food Safety, 2006

Other background information

US State legislature on Agricultural Biotechnology
An overview on the content and fate of 117 pieces of legislation addressing GMOs in agriculture introduced at State level in the USA, published by the PEW initiative in June 2006.

California: Sonoma County Ordinance to Prevent Agricultural and Environmental Contamination from Genetically Engineered (Transgenic) Organisms.