GMO news related to Croatia

12.01.2017 |

Croatia to Introduce “GMO Free” Food Labels?

Agriculture Minister supports the idea.

There are growing demands in Croatia that food which has absolutely no genetically modified organisms should be officially labelled as “GMO free” since, at the moment, by purchasing food in Croatia and in other parts of the EU consumers cannot be absolutely sure that they are not buying small doses of GMOs as well, reports Večernji List on January 11, 2017.

Currently, the fact that there is no GMO label on the food implies that there are no GMOs in it at all, which is not necessarily true. Although there is no reason to think that the EU could soon change its legislative framework related to the presence or absence of GMOs in food, it is not unrealistic to hope that individual EU member states, including Croatia, could adopt regulations labelling as GMO-free those products which contain absolutely no GMOs.

05.08.2014 |

Croatia: Farm ministry reassures there has been no GMO seeds donation

Croatia's Agriculture Ministry on Thursday stated that no genetically modified seeds had been donated by the Monsanto company to eastern areas hit by recent flooding and that the entire territory of Croatia was free of GMO seeds. The ministry gave this statement following media reports in connection with GMO seeds donation from Monsanto to the flood-ravaged areas,

26.05.2014 |

Croatia: GMOs? No, thank you!

The European debate on the authorization for cultivating Pioneer 1507 corn has raised fears in the youngest country of the Union, where all regions have declared themselves "GMO free".

It is the youngest country of the European Union – a little over four million inhabitants – and elects only eleven MEPs. Yet, Croatia, with its 2.6 million hectares of arable land, could become the Europe's wheat belt. "We have almost a million hectares of fallow land, ready for organic production, which must be defended against GMOs", explains Katica Knezović of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Zagreb.