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05.07.2023 |

New GMOs: the European Commission Puts Agribusiness's Interests Ahead of Farmers, Consumers and the Environment

Today, a worrying proposal to deregulate new GMOs (or “new genomic techniques” (NGT)) in the European Union has been released by the European Commission. This is bad news for our food, biodiversity, farmers and for citizens. Slow Food rejects the Commission’s plans to exempt the majority of new GMOs from existing GMO requirements, which means they will no longer be subject to risk assessment for human health and the environment, traceability throughout the food chain nor labeling for consumers.

Madeleine Coste, Slow Food’s Director of Advocacy comments: “The proposal to deregulate new GMOs sacrifices farmers and consumers’ rights, and the environment in order to please agribusiness. It represents a true setback in the transition to agroecology that we urgently need.”