Organisations and institutions active on GMO

NOGM - Initiative Luxembourg sans OGM (French, German)
Greenpeace Luxemburg (French)
bioLABEL (Luxembourgish)
Demeter (German)
Emweltberodung Lëtzebuerg (EBL) (German)
Attac Luxembourg (French)

Updates + Overviews

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The Government of Luxembourg bans the cultivation of MON810. Read the Press Release (French)

  • 80 municipalities (out of 116 in Luxembourg) declared themselves as “GE free” (no cultivation of GE crops + no use of gen. modified products (labelled products) in public establishments (cantines etc.).
  • Around 189 farmers (10 000 ha) also signed an individual declaration: no cultivation of ge crops for the upcoming planting season. (there are 2200 farmers in Luxembourg)
  • Naturpark Obersauer, one of Luxembourg's two nature reserves has published an official declaration to encourage its own municipalities and farmers to refuse GMOs.

GMO-free Zones in Luxembourg (German, French)
A “GE free zones” campaign run by Greenpeace in association with Demeter and bioLABEL began in Nov 2006.
In 2009 the « Luxembourg et Grande Région 2009 sans OGM » campaign was launched:
Campaign charter (French) Journée Luxembourg et Grande Région sans OGM Programm on 22.03.2009 (French)



Zones sans-OGM : Pétition pour la commission européenne. Download in pdf-format   doc-format
Gentechnikfreie Regionen und Gebiete Petition an die Europäische Kommission. Download in pdf-format   doc-format