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16.10.2016 |

Open letter from Dr. Vandana Shiva at the Monsanto Tribunal

RE: Begin

Over the last century, the word “science” – rooted in Latin: scire (to know) – has had all meaning raided and stripped off it, leaving nothing – zero. The actual pursuit of knowledge has been replaced by silver-spoon-fed-shills parading as “defenders of science”.This “Data”-driven Zero-knowledge is being “hailed” as the solution, to all the very real problems faced by real people around the world. The problems caused by Zero-knowledge, Zero-cience.


For the last century Zero-science has been the compass that has dictated the direction of the vector called “progress”, and therefore all “progress” has meant the “growth” of zeros in the accounts of the guilty. The entire Industry – automotive, container, shipping, piping, food, pharma, media and IT, share the same patent toting Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM).

“Innovation” now means “inventing” new language, to refresh the “tired” wheel before the old patent runs out, revolving in perpetuity, moving forward, in what has been established as the wrong direction. Ever faster.

We pledge, to the mountains of wisdom we stand atop, and the diverse possibilities of our collective futures, that the Patent Cartel will not be at the re-invented wheel of the bus to extinction any longer, they will be under it. The world will not be string-theoried along by the Geppettos above.

This is our “Stop!”, we are yanking the chain. We are getting off the patented vend-bus.

Each step we take back to our roots, guided by the soil under our feet, will bring us closer to harmony – with each other and nature.

We are here, present, and this is our time.

(The Hague, 15 October 2016)