Organisations and Institutions Active on GMOs

VELT (Flemish)
Wervel (Flemish)
Greenpeace (French)
Terre Sacree - SOS Planete (French)
Nature et Progrès Belgique (French)
Bioforum Vlaandern (Flemish)
ggo-vrij GMO news in Flemish
CANOPEA (French)
Voedsel Anders (Flemish)
RMRM Réseau Meuse Rhin Moselle (French) 

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124 communities (yellow spots on the map) and the Wallonian Region (green on the map) have declared themselves GMO-free.

Benoît LUTGEN, Wallonian Minister of Agriculture, calls all the communes to declare themselves GMO-free (April 2009) (French)
Wallonia joins the network of GMO-Free regional governments (October 2008) (French)
Wallonia rules against GMOs (October 2008) (French)

In June 2008, Wallonia voted a decree on the coexistence of genetically modified crops, conventional crops and organic crops. Thanks to this decree, GMO cultivation is not possible in Wallonia. Press-release: The Walloon Decree for the co-existence of plant cultures has been voted in, by Nature & Progrès


Lucern, April 2009
Jean-Luc Servais
Presentation: Respect of Life & Free Choice for Everybody, GMO-Free Wallonia (pdf, 1,4 MB, English)

Other Background Information

Press Releases from Nature & Progrès (2008): Coexistence decree: a model for Europe and Wallonia signs Florence charter, what does it mean? (French)
EU Commission, DG Sanco: Report on an evaluation of the Belgian GMO controls (Feb 2006)
Communiqué de presse: En Wallonie, les ogm pourront-ils se payer une pollution? (Nov 2005)
20 regions d’Europe refusent les OGM ! Et si la Wallonie et Bruxelles etaient les 21e et 22e ?
Nature & Progrès Belgique demande les Régions Wallonne et Bruxelloise ratifient la Charte de Florence et revendiquent ainsi le droit de se protéger de la contamination transgénique, Feb 2005
GMO-free Flanders, presentation at World Social Forum, 2003
For a list of these communities in Belgium and for more info read Velt's dossier on GMOs (Flemish)
US Department of Agriculture: Annual Agricultural Biotech Report