Organisations and institutions active on GMO

NOAH - Friends of the Earth Denmark
Organic Denmark - Farmers organisation / IFOAM Denmark
Active Consumers
Greenpeace Denmark

GMO-free-Denmark: Only a facebook-group

Official and institutional links

Ministry of the Environment and Food (including Agriculture and Fisheries)
Danish Agriculture Agency - (Dealing with issues of GMO)
Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Updates + Overviews

There is currently no GMO-free region in Denmark.



(Updated in September 2018 information provided by NOAH

Legal documents

Legislation on GMOs, Danish Biosafety Clearing House
The Danish coexistence law
The Danish coexistence law - notes by Dan Belusa, Greenpeace Denmark
Friends of the Earth Europe Biotech mailout: Danish co-existence law is full of weaknesses
Consolidated Environment and Genetic Engineering Act
Statutory Order from the Ministry of the Environment No. 687 of October 11, 1991, on Fees in Pursuance of Act on Environment and Genetic Engineering
Statutory Order No. 830 of October 3, 2002, on the Approval of Production using Genetically Modified Micro-organisms
Statutory Order No. 831 of October 3, 2002, on Deleberate Release into the Environment of Genetically Modified Organisms
Statutory Order No. 829 of October 3, 2002, on the Approval of Production using Genetically Modified Plants and Animals
Act No. 436 of 9 June 2004 "Act on the Growing etc. of Genetically Modified Crops"

Other background information

Strategy for co-existence: genetically modified, conventional and organic crops. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.  - Danish board under the Danish Agriculture Agency (with actors/interests from a large range of Danish organisations in the question about CRISPR Cas - duration from May 2017 - January 2018) - Disagreement about regulation of new GMO´s in Denmark: (Danish article) - "Knowledge synthesis about the use of new plant breeding techniques and their potential impact on Danish Agriculture" - ordered by Danish Agriculture Agency and delivered by University of Aarhus Denmark

11 attitudes to the crops of the future, Biotekcenter, 2002.
The consequences of genetically modified crops for organic farming in Denmark, Gösta Kjellson, NERI and Birte Boelt, DIAS. Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming, March 2003.
US Department of Agriculture: Annual Agricultural Biotech Report 2006