GMO news related to Germany

30.10.2006 |

Mexico Shuts the Door on GM Maize

Mexico has moved to ban experimental fields of genetically modified (GM) maize. But the gateway into Mexico of transgenic maize, in the form of unlabeled grain imports, remains ajar.

27.10.2006 |

Dossier on BASF's starch potato EH92-527-1

The pending approval for commercial release of a genetically modified potatoe, which has been developed by Amylogene, Sweden, now taken over by BASF, Germany, would be the first EU approval for cultivation of a GMO since 1998. A proposal of the EU Commission is expected very soon.

25.10.2006 |

Italy: Region of Lazio's GMO free status approved

The Council of Latio has adopted, with only two abstentions and no votes against, a law which prohibits the growing of GMOs in the region as well as their sale in kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other public catering places.

13.10.2006 |

European Commission Urges Poland to Change GMO Law

EuropeanCommission is going to send a formal letter to the Polish authorities tonotify them that the law on genetically modified organisms (GMO) doesnot comply with EU requirements. The law prohibits cultivation and tradein GMOs. Polish government has two months to send an explanation. Shouldit fail to amend the law on time, Poland could be facing a Court ofJustice trial and a sizeable fine.

09.10.2006 |

EU Commission re-submits proposals on GMOs to Council

The European Commission decided today to re-submit to the EU Council of Ministers proposals to lift the ban imposed by Austria on the marketing of two authorised genetically modified maize varieties, MON810 and T25. Austria introduced these bans under Directive 90/220/EEC in 1999 and 2000 respectively. The Council can either adopt or reject the proposals with a qualified majority.

05.10.2006 |

EU to require mandatory tests of U.S. rice imports

The European Union is set to introduce mandatory tests of rice imports from the United States following the finding of an unauthorised GMO strain in recentweeks, the European Commission said on Wednesday.

03.10.2006 |

WTO GM food ruling ignores safety question

The WTO has ruled that the EU's GM food ban was illegal, but has failed to uphold some of the charges levelled by the US, Canada and Argentina.

The 1,000-page final report, which was made public last week, reiterated the dispute panel verdict that the European Union's six-year moratorium on imports of genetically modified food and crops was illegal.

29.09.2006 |

Transatlantic biotech trade war: "No Winners" says FoEE as WTO makes ruling public

Friends of the Earth Europe has today called for alternative ways to deal with environmental trade disputes. The call comes as the World Trade Organisation (WTO) publishes its final ruling on the transatlantic trade dispute on genetically modified foods. Friends of the Earth Europe believes that there will be "no clear winners but many losers" in today's ruling, the longest in WTO history.

21.09.2006 |

GM Rice: further illegal shipments from the US detected

Europe's problems with shipments of unauthorized genetically modified rice have taken a turn for the worse as, once more, U.S. shipments declared as GE-free were tested positive for an illegal biotech strain. Environmental Organisations like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth ask the EU and all their member states to stop all rice imports from the US.

19.09.2006 |

EU: Once more no decision on GMO policy

European Union governments clashed three times on Monday on genetically modified foods and crops. A majority of EU member states voted against a European Commission proposal to force Hungary to lift a ban on the cultivation of a genetically engineered maize. Also, a decision on the approval of a genetically engineered oilseed rape ended in a deadlock during a meeting of EU Farm Ministers.