GMO news related to New Caledonia

09.05.2016 |

New Caledonia update

Information about New Caledonia is updated.

04.02.2016 |

SIGN an open letter for a GMO regulation in New Caledonia

Facing the continued delay in the adoption of a GMO regulation in New Caledonia, STOP OGM Pacifique prepared an open letter that will be send to the local institutions.

We here call for support from organizations worldwide (NGO, association, collectives, etc.) to sign the letter to raise awarness among our elected representatives.

Please share! For a GMO free Pacific !


STOP OGM Pacifique

02.06.2015 |

STOP OGM Pacifique
STOP OGM Pacifique


For a moratorium on importated papaya seeds to New Caledonia

In February of 2014, the New Caledonian Government passed an order to ban the importation of GM fruit seeds, including papaya, into the territory. The ban was put into place in August of 2014. Nevertheless, this new law went nearly unnoticed: no debate on this serious issue…are there GM papaya plants in New Caledonia?

In spite of repeated demands, the institutions of New Caledonia have continued to turn a political blind eye regarding the presence of possible GM papaya plants in the territory and the probable contamination to the traditional local papayas. For several years now, the Office of Agriculture Development of the Southern Province have recommended using papaya seeds from the Hawaiian SunUp variety, the infamous GM papaya developed by the University of Hawaii.

The importation of seeds, and the contamination of local papaya plants is of no doubt, now is the time to inform the population in order to take the necessary steps to stop it. Moreover, given the risks of contamination and the spreading of GM papaya everywhere, it is no longer reasonable to continue to import papaya seeds into New Caledonia at all, even if they are not considered GMO.

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