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19.11.2015 |

Hungary presents stance on GMO-free Europe at Brussels conference

MEPS György Hölvényi of Hungary and Elisabeth Köstinger of Austria organised a conference in Brussels on the importance of regulating genetically modified organisms in the European Union. Hölvényi told European Commission representatives that EU citizens have doubts about the bloc’s regulation of genetically modified crops, which he said EU decision-makers had a responsibility to dispel. He said Hungary has made great strides in this area as well as it plans to introduce rules on voluntarily labelling GMO-free products. Hölvényi said the majority of EU citizens are against the distribution and consumption of genetically modified crops, while two-thirds of member states have banned their production. Imported food supplies and soy-based animal feed, however, may still contain GMOs.

29.10.2015 |

Hungary Urges European Commission To Ban Genetically Modified Maize Varieties

Hungary has submitted a petition to the European Commission (EC) asking for a ban in Hungary on all genetically modified maize varieties that have production licences or are about to get one in the European Union, the Ministry of Agriculture told news agency MTI. The Hungarian government sent its petition on September 21, asking for the ban of 8 products.

20.01.2015 |

Hungarian farm minister: The whole EU should be a GMO FREE ZONE

Hungary will initiate a joint alliance of European Union member states rejecting the use of genetically modified organisms in farming with the aim to make the entire European Union free from GMO crops, Hungarian farm minister Sándor Fazekas said on the sidelines of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in Berlin at the weekend. István Fazekas said the countries committed to GMO-free farming must forge an alliance because “we would like to keep our food and our environment healthy and we are convinced that the agriculture of the EU and Hungary can remain competitive with conventional crop and livestock production”.

Farm Ministry said last week that Hungary’s interests were fulfilled when a vote passed in the European Parliament allowed individual member states to ban the cultivation of GM crops. “It is an especially important strategic interest for Hungary laid down in its constitution also to ensure that its agriculture is GMO-free,” it said.

19.06.2012 |

Hungary passes law limiting GM crops

Last week Hungary’s parliament approved unanimously a new regulation that will restrict the genetically modified crops allowed in Hungary, which are currently authorised by the European Union. The ministry of rural development welcomed the law, which maximises chances of the country remaining GMO-free. The new regulations will place a strict limit on genetically modified crops in Hungary which are currently authorised by the European Union, as well as potential future GMOs, the ministry said. The law will enable farmers, local communities, local councils and regions to practice their autonomous rights more effectively while backing grassroots initiatives to establish GMO-free regions.

11.07.2011 |

Illegal GM maize ploughed under throughout Hungary

Some 400 hectares of maize have been destroyed throughout Hungary after the crops were found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds, the deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development in charge of supervision of the food supply chain and agricultural administration told MTI on Friday. [...] Authorities have been checking for GMO crops since the beginning of this year as a new regulation came in force this March which stipulates GMO checks before seeds are introduced to the market. The checks will continue despite the fact that seed traders are obliged to make sure that their products are GMO free, Bognar said.

12.05.2009 |

Hungarian Agriculture Minister thanks Spanish colleague for supporting GE crop ban

Hungarian Agriculture Minister József Gráf met with his Spanish counterpart Elena Espinsoa Mangana in Budapest. [...] Gráf thanked his Spanish counterpart for supporting Hungary in its endeavor to keep the country free of genetically modified crops.

30.01.2009 |

Hungary to defy European Commission call to scrap ban on GMO crops

Hungary will keep its ban on GMO (genetically modified organisms) maize imports and the planting of GMO seeds, Agriculture Ministry undersecretary Zoltan Gogos announced.

The European Commission recently called on Hungary to entirely lift its GMO ban. Last week the EU's executive arm backed proposals that would grant standard ten-year licences for the two GMO maize types. Hungary, one of the region's biggest grain producers, became the first country in eastern Europe to ban GMO crops and foods in 2005, when it outlawed the planting of MON 810 maize seeds, which are marketed by the US biotech company Monsanto.

20.02.2007 |

EU ministers uphold Hungarians ban on Monsantos GM maize

With a two third majority EU environment ministers slapped down an attempt of the EU Commission to order Hungary to lift its ban on Monsanto"s GMO maize "Mon810", delivering a third stinging rebuff to the European Commission.

27.11.2006 |

Hungary set to pass 'strictest' GMO crop law

Hungary is set to impose strict rules on genetically modified crops that would mostly block their cultivation even if the EU overturns the country's GMO ban. The law, supported by the opposition as well as government parties, is expected to be passed on Monday in case the European Union forces Hungary to abandon its complete ban. "This is Europe's, perhaps the world's, strictest GMO law," Agriculture Minister Jozsef Graf said.

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