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This links to a page with GENET-news from Germany that are relevant for the development of GMO-free zones.

Updates + Overviews

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GMO-Free Regional governments: After Thuringia joined the network of GMO-Free regional governments in 2010, North-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany's largest state joins the Network on October 10th 2011. The new governments of Rhineland-Palatia and Suebia (Baden-Württemberg) included joining the network in their coalition agreements as well.

By the end of August 2010, 198 gmo-free-regions, 235 gmo-free-municipalities and 29.836 gmo-free-farmers, i.e. 1.075.407 ha (2.657.388 acres), were declared in Germany. Definitions of areas and initiatives are available in German here.

The commercial cultivation of the gm-corn Mon 810 has been stopped by minister (food, agriculture and consumer protection) Ilse Aigner on April 14th 2009. On 2 of March 2010 the genetically modified starch potato "Amflora" from BASF was approved for industrial applications in the EU by the European Commission. It is the only gm-crop that can be grown legally grown in Germany: On 2 hectares in 2011.

A map and list of GMO-Free communities and municipalities and a list of GMO-Free Initiatives and Regions (Juli 2011) can be downloaded at the website of GMO-Free-Regions

An association of companies promoting the voluntary label "without GMOs" for products of animals raised without GM feed can be found here.


GMO free Regions in Germany, Hintergrund: Gentechnikfreie Regionen in Deutschland, Annemarie Volling, AbL, Brussels, April 2008
Video: In Deutschland werden gentechnikfreie Regionen von Landwirten gegründet, die sich gegenseitig verpflichten ohne Gentechnik zu arbeiten. Ein Videobericht dazu aus Brandenburg. U. Sprenger / S. Schrade, EED, May 2008
Europa sagt „Nein“ zu GMOs, Gentechnikfreie Regionen in Deutschland und Europa: Erfahrungen und Empfehlungen, Heike Moldenhauer, BUND, 2006

Petitions, Cyberactions


Cyberaction Stop the Crop

Gentechnikfreie Regionen und Gebiete Petition an die Europäische Kommission. Download in pdf-format   doc-format

Petition "Save our Seeds" an die Europäische Kommission. Download and list of signing organisations here

EDEKA Aktion zur Kennzeichnung "Ohne Gentechnik" here.

Other background information

German Parliament amends biotechnology law
EU Commission: Final Report of a mission concerning controls of GM food and feed (carried out in March 2006)
Offizielles Standortregister des Bundesamtes für Verbraucherschutz
Praxishandbuch „Bio-Produkte ohne Gentechnik“ (BioXgen)
Electronic library on GMO-free regions, legislation and other related topics (German)
US Department of Agriculture: Annual Agricultural Biotech Report
Heike Moldenhauer BUND: GMO free regions, Berlin, January 2005
Johannes Niedeggen (gmo free Uckermark): GMO free region Uckermark, Berlin, January 2005