Research, investigations and positions

This electronic bookshelf is intended to share with participants before and after the event backgroud information, positions and scientific papers of special interest. Email your contributions to us

From our partner organisations

Organisation: AbL (Germany)

Organisation: Testbiotech (Germany)fileadmin/files/gmo-free-regions/GMO_Free_Europe_2022/textbiotech_vzbv-report.pdf

Organisation: Friends of the Earth Europe

Organisation: Global 2000 (Austria)

Organisation: Corporate Europe Observatory (EU)

Organisation: Beyond GM (UK)

Organisation: European Coordination of Via Campesina

From other organisations and institutions

Institution: Swiss Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology (CH)

Project: Genetic Engineering and the Environment (Germany)

Scientific publications of special interest

Agnes E. Ricroch et. al., New Biotechnology 66 (2022) Next biotechnological plants for addressing global challenges: The contribution of transgenesis and new breeding techniques
A quantitative overview of NGT plants and patents